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Calling out all members of the CNFT Community… The ChainChillaz need YOUR help!

5,555 Unique ChainChillaz NFT have been working together to establish a new safe home for The Herd. They have decided that the Cardano blockchain will be perfect. But first… you must help us by rescuing them! Mint yourself a ChainChillaz NFT and you can secure their home on the blockchain.

Throughout the supply we have over 240 traits, this creates a possibility of over 1 billion different combinations for you to enjoy! As well as this we have a total of ten unique 1 of 1s hiding in the supply… which also come with an ADA reward if minted! 

We are live minting right NOW for a price of 37 ADA per mint, 2 ADA from every mint will be donated to support endangered animal charities. See more of this on our roadmap in discord.

Supporting Wild Tomorrow Fund charity – fighting for a wild tomorrow, today.

Learn more about Wild Tomorrow.

Minting Milestones


37 ADA Each (Maximum of 5 mints per transaction, no transaction limit)

2 ADA from every mint will be donated to endangered animal charities at particular mint stages.


Holder giveaway complete (45 NFT’s airdropped to holders)
Early Charity Donation 2.25k ADA


2250 ADA Donation to endangered animal charities.
Holder exclusive giveaway of either ADA or a ChainChillaz NFT

A total of 50 NFT’s were airdropped randomly to holders. 


Holder exclusive giveaways of either ADA or a ChainChillaz NFT


5500 ADA Donation to endangered animal charities. Holder exclusive giveaway of either ADA or a ChainChillaz NFT


During the minting stages 10 lucky holders will also receive a special prize of 300 ADA! This is for those who are fortunate enough to mint one of our 10 unique 1 of 1 NFT’s. We have also hidden a few more surprises within the supply, if found, holder is also able to claim a prize of 50 ADA. There are 30 special ChainChillaz eligible for the prize within the 5555 supply.

This brings a total of 4500 ADA back to 40 lucky holders just through our minting.


There's only ten 1 of 1 Onesies among the pack

1 of 1

1 of 1

1 of 1

1 of 1

1 of 1

1 of 1

1 of 1

1 of 1

1 of 1

1 of 1


Holder Benefits
Stage 1
Stage 2
Next Steps


Holder benefits

Minting Prizes:

You Mint: X-Ray Golden Ticket

You Win: 1 spin on a prize wheel to win up to 200 ADA!

You Mint: X-Ray Key

You Win: 50 ADA

You Mint: 1 of 1 Onesie

You Win: 300 ADA

Stage 1



We are very passionate about making high quality merchandise for our community. It is important to us that we create items that are wearable in your everyday life, something you are proud to represent. This will not be your regular NFT merchandise with a logo on it. 


We hope to have merch released by summer time. We are not simply opening a store and have a few items available to buy at all times. Instead, we plan to release exclusive 1 off designs on items such as t-shirts, hoodies, hats and many more fashionable items. Once a design is sold out, it will never be sold again to ensure you have a rare piece of merchandise and to keep drops exclusive.  

Quantities of items will be extremely low for each drop we do, meaning not ALL holders will be able to purchase every drop. 

To purchase merchandise you MUST be a holder. We will then raffle off the chance to purchase items to holders who are wanting to own some ChainChillaz merchandise. 

We have chosen to operate our merch this way to keep the hype building for every release we do… and we will not disappoint! 

Stage 2

X-Ray Holder exclusive airdrop

All ChainChillaz holders of an “X-ray” prop, will be automatically allocated a spot for an airdrop which will take place AFTER minting has completed. We only have around 263 X-ray props within our supply… so this will be a special ChainChillaz NFT for these particular holders.

We will announce when this snapshot will take place giving people enough time, should they please, to purchase additional X-ray prop ChainChillaz from the secondary markets. 

We may complete some airdrops early depending on how the minting progress is going


We have been working hard to establish a sustainable product for our project moving forward.

What's coming?

We will be bringing you our very own staking platform for you to utilise your Chillaz! Not only this, you will be able to spend your $CHILLAZ tokens in our webstore. Here we will have various tangible and virtual items for you to work towards and earn!

This will be released very soon along with a full document with everything you need to know from the technical side, to user functionality.

Next Steps

Metaverse – We have no intent to create a metaverse ourselves, however exploring ideas of partnering with a metaverse project is in our interest.


The total supply for ChainChillaz is 5,555.

Minting begins December 12th 2021 at 6PM UTC.

Yes, we will reserve 55 at the start of minting. This is to start the initial giveaway pool for holders. These will all be given away and not kept by the team.

The mint price will be a fixed 37 ADA per mint, 2 ADA per mint will be donated to endangered animal charities.

Yes, you can mint as many as you like. However, there is a maximum of 5 mints per transaction.

No, we do not have a whitelist available for our first drop. We have chosen not to do so as we want everyone to have the same opportunity to purchase our NFT’s on launch day.

The only compatible wallets to send your ADA from are; Yoroi, Daedalus, Nami wallets. Please do not try sending ADA from an exchange such as Binance, Coinbase etc. This will result in your ADA being lost.

No, your ADA is not lost, any excess amounts sent to the address will be automatically returned to you.

Once the countdown reaches 0 on launch day, the payment address will be revealed.

After receiving the payment address, you must send the exact ADA amount to this address in order to mint an NFT. Please do not send anymore or less. Remember, maximum of 3 NFTs per transaction only.

For 1 NFT send exactly 37 Ada
For 2 NFTs send exactly 74 Ada
For 3 NFTs send exactly 111 Ada
For 4 NFTs send exactly 148 Ada
For 5 NFTs send exactly 185 Ada

If you want more than 5, you must complete these steps again.

Payment must be sent using one of the verified wallets stated above. Do not use an exchange.

Once you have successfully sent your payment and received confirmation, you will be sent back your NFT(s) within the hour. The time may vary, this all dependent on website traffic.

Visit https://pool.pm/ and type in your receiving wallet address in the search field.

Yes! Our Whitepaper is available here.

The ChainChillaz Team


Head Chilla

Creator of ChainChillaz. A crypto enthusiast from UK with a big passion for NFT’s. Previously managed two successful projects on BSC network. Head of communications and promotions.


Website & Marketing

Owner of Website Development & Digital Marketing firm Webbla, working with all types of SMEs throughout the UK. Excited to bring what I’ve learnt into the crypto ecosystem for my first NFT based project; ChainChillaz!



Freelance software developer with a passion for automation; I’ve worked in a wide range of disciplines, everything from game development to enterprise-grade application implementation. This is my debut project in the NFT space, so I’m excited to explore the possibilities! I am now also part of a minting agency called the Developer collective on Cardano.



Once a call centre agent with a big passion for art. Always wanted to become a comic book artist but could not fulfil my dreams. I lost my job in the pandemic, so I explored more into NFT’s. I gained some commission work including working for another project and now land myself with the ChainChillaz! I have now found joy in what I do, and hope I can continue in this space!